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The Withing Project: The Short Version

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A lot of people have been asking me, “So, what’s the story with this Withing Project thing?” So, The Story: The Beginning:  Two years ago, I went to visit patient at her house.  She was on our palliative care service at Evergreen, and I was going to see her because her pain[…]

A Morning with the Threes


A couple of weeks ago I went to my son Henry’s class for “circle time.”    Henry’s the one standing next to me in the wide blue stripes. I can’t say that there was absolutely no pressure, because the visitor the previous week  had been Astronaut Gavin, an Actual Astronaut in the NASA training[…]

Talking About Listening, with Thomasa Eckert


Thomasa Eckert is a well-known singer and teacher in Seattle, and someone with whom I studied for many years. Considered a champion of 20th- and 21st – century art music, she has premiered many new works and performed contemporary music in concert and on the radio in the USA, Canada[…]

Where did that CD title come from?

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A number of people have asked me about the origin of the title, “Leaning Toward the Fiddler. ” Some years ago, a poet and close friend of mine from college, Lisa Sitkin, relayed the story she’d heard from a friend of hers told to her by her Grandma Pearl, who[…]