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And a new project gets ready to launch! Announcing “The Withing Project”!

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Withing1“The Withing Project”?  The what?  Is that a word?  You mean The Wishing Project? I get it.  Oh, really?  I see! The Writhing Project?  Oh.

You really mean With-ing.  Like, “with.”  Sort of like it’s a verb?

Yup. Exactly.

What’s going on when we’re with each other?

Brain imaging, 32 dancers, instrumentalists, singers, actors, and a sprinkling of  quantum physics are helping us get at this question this coming November 19-22 on the University of Washington campus.  Rehearsals are starting soon, the website’s going up, the fundraising campaign’s about to start, and best of all, months and months of wondering and thinking and talking and playing and writing and editing and planning and yelling at Finale (the music composition program)  and wondering what on earth we’ve gotten ourselves into is finally leading into the best part of all — all of us coming together to breathe life into this show about how we  –every single one of us — might be more entangled with each other than we can even begin to imagine.

I can’t wait:

(And, that’s Beth Graczyk and Corrie Befort, two of my favorite dancers on the planet, rehearsing in New York for the show this spring!)



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